Automating a digital agencies sales process through Pipedrive

NetFusion Designs are a Canadian based digital agency, offering digital services to mid to large organisations throughout Canada.

The agency was due to launch an ambitious email outreach campaign in multiple different sectors.

Due to the sheer number of potential prospects NetFusion Designs would have spent a huge amount of time and resource in outreach, with little guarantee of success.

The Challenge

To design a system that allowed outreach on a large scale, whilst personalising contact based on both industry and prospect size.

A team with limited resource and large ambitions.

The Approach

We mapped out NetFusions existing end to end sales process to identify areas which could be automated and areas that could be scaled.

We identified the potential to score leads based on prospect engagement.

We worked with Outfunnel to create drip feed email campaigns which synced to Pipedrive.

Creating Pipedrive workflows allowed us to move deals through the sales pipeline based on activity within Outfunnel.

We documented the new sales flow presenting a visual representation to the team for sign off.


NetFusion landed their first outreach customer on the first day of the system going live.

This resulted in a 650% ROI on the first day of the campaign.


“When looking for a Pipedrive Consultant we spoke to numerous providers. From the initial call Pipedrive Consultants instilled confidence that they’d be able look at our business and design a process that would allow us to scale our sales. The system they designed is far beyond our expectations, resulting in a 650% ROI on the first day of implementation! “