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Why choose Pipedrive

Why choose Pipedrive?

Why Pipedrive is a good choice of CRM for any Business In this era of rapidly growing technology, businesses, organizations and enterprises have to grow as fast as the technology surrounding them. Regardless of this, whether you are a small, medium-sized business or an enterprise, the right CRM software can  improve sales lead management, sales

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How To Promote Your App On A Budget

How To Promote Your App On A Budget We live in the age of smartphones and interactive devices, where things happen in a split second and work is done instantly. A few years ago, making an app to promote your business did not seem a very lucrative idea, but today, without an app, you don’t

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends

The Latest Digital Marketing Trends Keeping users glued to their screens has become a different challenge the past few years, with different platforms vying for customers attention. With companies surprising us like never before, it’s important to anticipate what the near future will be like. Let’s take a closer look at some mobile marketing trends

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Mobile Web Marketing

Digital Marketing Best Practice

Digital Marketing Best Practice Your customers are mobile. Are you? Today you can’t think about marketing without thinking about mobile marketing. So what is it that the best in mobile marketing do so much better than the rest? What makes the difference between people fully capitalizing on the power of mobile to grow their business

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Facebook newsfeed update

Facebook Update – Effects On Business?

Everyone’s talking about the latest Facebook update. About how it will affect our news feed, showing more friends posts and less business content. Some people are even copy-pasting statuses about how to show up more on their friends’ News Feeds, by writing a comment about them.

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Mobile App Mobile Website Design

4 Of The Best Mobile Design Trends

While you may be more concerned about the functionality of your business mobile app, the design is just as important. If you want people to make the best use of your app and use the app to create customer loyalty, it should be well-designed, and adhere to the latest design trends. Let’s look at 4 design features that this years best mobile apps will have.

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