Taking an offline lead management process online, and automating through Pipedrive

Sing Out and Read are a Florida based non-profit on a mission to help disadvantaged children improve their reading and literacy skills.

Sing Out and Read were due to launch a postal and email awareness campaign, aimed at parents of children within Florida.


Previously Sing Out Loud were managing their sales process using Excel. Whilst this was incredibly inefficient. They also had multiple instances of human input error, resulting in lost sales

The Challenge

Take a manual sales process, online.

Take a manual business process, online.

A small team with limited capacity.

Team with no prior experience of Pipedrive.

Many custom requirements in terms of data collection.

Minimise duplication and opportunities for human error.

Ensuring nothing ‘slips through the cracks’

The Approach

We worked with Sing Out Loud to map out their user journey, sales AND business processes journey.

We identified which areas could be brough online and which areas could be automated.

We combined Pipedrive WebForms with Zapier, Google Forms and Google Sheets to automate many stages in both the sales and business process.
Complete full documentation and training material to provide new starters.


Sing Out Loud now have a fully online, semi-automated sales and business process system.

The system has ensured new starters are able to quickly upskill and follow a logical sales process, whilst automations ensure they can focus their time where needed. This reduction in admin has streamlined SOLs operations allowing them to increase sales whilst providing better service.


“Pipedrive Consultants did a super job for us! We knew we needed an automated solution for handling incoming leads and we had picked Pipedrive as our platform, but that’s about all we knew. They helped us think through our current manual lead management system and then took over from there. The milestones were all hit on time and on budget. We will definitely go back to them with any similar project. I whole-heartedly recommend Pipedrive Consultants for this type of work!